Working with children and youth has been my passion for the over 15 years. My early career was spent working in residential group care and educational settings, where I
supported children and youth with complex mental health challenges from a trauma informed perspective. I began working at the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton as a
Child and Youth Counsellor in 2015 and continue to work with this organization as the Clinical Director of Child and Youth Services.

about me

i'm morgan

I am a Registered Psychologist and Registered Play Therapy Supervisor with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of the Fraser Valley and a Master of Counselling from City
University of Seattle.

When I think about the work that I get to do and why it is important, I reflect on the importance of childhood. The learning and growth that occurs during this time is profound and getting to know yourself and beginning to understand the world is not an easy task. Worries and fears can develop and experiences of loss or harm can make it really hard to feel safe. Providing support during this time creates an opportunity to work through some of these challenges before the belief in magic fades and the realities of the world set in.

I work from an attachment-based perspective. This means that I first consider relationships and how to support authentic joyful connections between kids and their caregivers. I often share with families that therapy is not forever, we want to build towards a place where a kid feels that their true self is accepted, and their caregivers are confident in their ability to compassionately guide their child through their moments of challenge. This work can take many different forms as everyone needs something a little bit different. I bring a unique perspective to each person that I support, and work alongside them to approach therapy in the way that is best for them. With children, this is often done through play. Play is the language of children and when provided an environment and connection characterized by safety, they express their perceptions of their experiences.

 If my approach feels like it may fit for your child and family please reach out to me here. I recognize that it is not always easy for caregiver to ask for some help. I would offer that it is ok not to have all the answers and that it takes a village to raise a child, I would be honoured to be part of that village.



Areas Of Focus

Interpersonal Trauma & PTSD

Supporting Children Navigate Separation/Divorce


Interpersonal Trauma & PTSD (O’Hara, 2023)

Child Sexual Abuse & Sexual Violence

Emotional Regulation


professional Development

(2022) Circle of Security Facilitator Training - Circle of Security International

(2023) EMDR Parent Child Attachment Intensive Program - Agate Institute 

(2023) Emotionally Focused Family Therapy: Restoring Connections and Promoting Resilience - The International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy

(2023) Indigenous Resiliency Model & Indigenous Healing Approaches to Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma – Buffalo Sage

(2023) Learn to Play Therapy: Theory, Principles and Process - Learn to Play

(2022) Play Therapy Supervision Certification Program - Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Institute

(2020) Advanced Skills for Tele-Play Therapy – Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Institute

(2019) EMDR Sandtray Specialist Intensive – Agate Institute

(2018) EMDR with Children and Youth: Advanced EMDR Workshop– Agate Institute

(2018) Theraplay Level 1 – The Theraplay Institute

(2018) Somatic Interventions for Treating Complex Trauma, Janina Fisher

(2018) Healing Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors, Janina Fisher 

(2017) Play Therapy – Red Stream: Advanced Theory and Techniques - Rocky Mountain Play Therapy Institute

(2015) Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Basic Training

(2015) Play Therapy Certificate Program, Level One, Canadian Associate for Child and Play Therapy 

(2015) Canadian Association for Sandplay Therapy, Level One

Questions are always welcome.

I invite questions and curiosities – please ask me why, how, and what – therapy should not feel like a mystery, and I am happy to share as much as I know.

I am casual, it is likely that I will be in slippers.

I work to create an environment where people feel comfortable and playful. 

I use humour, playfulness, and compassion to build connections.

While there is a very important place for seriousness in conversations, I feel that moments of laughter cannot be forgotten.

If your child leaves session and says that they played, that is accurate.

Play creates a developmentally appropriate space for children to express their perceptions of their world.

Sorry for the sparkles.

Your child may leave session with painted pictures that need to dry and sparkles that we have worked really hard to adhere (it does not always work, I am sorry for the sparkles) 

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