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Apricity Psychology offers a range of counselling treatments, including anxiety therapy, in Edmonton, AB.

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We Can Help You Overcome Anxiety

Do you feel overwhelmed by constant stress, panic, or worry that seems to have no apparent cause? Have you found it impossible to silence your relentless inner critic, constantly scanning for threats that rarely come? Does anxiety prevent you from fully engaging in work, relationships, or life activities you used to love?

If so, you already understand first-hand how exhausting and limiting anxiety can be. But what you may not realize yet is that you can free yourself from its grip. There is a future where anxiety doesn't control your life.

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Far-Reaching Impacts of Chronic Anxiety

We all experience situational anxiety or stress from time to time. But when feelings of worry, panic, tension, or fear occur persistently over long periods and without clear reason, you may be dealing with one of several complex anxiety disorders that require professional treatment:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Excessive and difficult-to-control worries about everyday issues, even when there is little clear cause for concern.

Panic Disorder

Recurrent unexpected panic attacks feature sudden periods of intense physical anxiety symptoms that spark deep fear of losing control, "going crazy," or imminent death.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Extreme fear in social situations due to excessive worry over embarrassment, judgment, or scrutiny.

Specific Phobias

Irrational yet intense fear is triggered by specific objects or situations such as heights, flying, animals, needles, etc.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Intrusive, obsessive thoughts and images increase underlying anxiety. Compulsive, repetitive behaviours and mental rituals are common.

Symptoms of Anxiety

While everyone experiences anxiety differently, some of the most common life impacts shared by sufferers when anxiety persists include:

  • Fatigue, muscle tension, headaches
  • Sleep disruptions, including difficulty falling asleep
  • Impaired concentration, forgetfulness, mental fog
  • Inability to manage worries or switch off thoughts
  • Avoidance of people, places, activities
  • Withdrawal from close relationships
  • Feeling emotionally volatile or constantly on edge

Learn to Deal With Anxiety

At Apricity, we employ a two-pronged approach to working with anxiety. In addition to developing a variety of skills and tools that can be used to manage anxiety when it pops up, we also explore where anxiety stems from and work to untangle anxiety from its roots.

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Get Started With Anxiety Therapy in Edmonton

Our first appointment begins with going through the client consent for counselling process. After that, we'll take a complete client history and get to know you. This is vital, as we need to understand your symptoms and experiences before we can devise an appropriate treatment plan.

Step One: Get in Touch

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Step Two: The First Appointment

Step THREE: Anxiety Therapy Begins

You've taken that important step, and your journey toward wholeness and freedom from anxiety begins now.

Cost of Anxiety Therapy

Our fees range from $140-$220 per session depending on the service requested. We can offer a sliding scale fee (on occasion) but have limited spots available.

Free Yourself From Anxiety

Don't wait to reclaim your life. Book your first appointment for anxiety therapy in Edmonton today.

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